For Students

Code Club’s core mission is to make high quality community and volunteer powered code education to all of Hong Kong’s great kids FOR FREE.  While Code Club is currently focused on children aged 9-11, learning code is a great idea for all of us and we encourage you to help us expand our scope and mandate.  We provide the curriculum, the platform, community and support so almost anyone with passion and desire can start a Code Club in Hong Kong!

For Adults

Code Club and Hong Kong’s awesome youngsters need you!  Code Club welcomes volunteers from all walks of life and of any stripe.  Not a programmer? Not sure if you can help? Contact us anyway!  Code Club Hong Kong will hold regular Code Club workshops for volunteers and community supporters to learn how to code and master our curriculum so they support our core mission to educate Hong Kong youth.

For Companies

Are you a working stiff?  Are you a boss employing working stiffs? Wouldn’t you love a company initiative that your employees and their families will appreciate, value and enthusiastically support?  Organizing a Code Club for your company’s employees and families is a great way to build morale, cooperation and demonstrate your company’s support of families and education.  Best of all, there is NO cost to register a Code Club so what are you waiting for?

For Parents

If you are like many of us, we care about our children and are doing our very best to provide them with every opportunity and high quality education.  You are also probably well aware of how important it is for your children to learn how to code as well as master the critical thinking, communication and executive skills required to be a great coder.   Code Club is a great way for parents, parent groups, schools and educators to make a real difference.  What do you have to lose, register your Code Club now!